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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Another Nebula

A soft pastel abstract painting. It had a bit of story to it. I left it unattended and my son who was quite young at that time had drawn dark brown lines all over the picture. I've got upset first but then managed to incorporate them into the painting... The original (was about A4 in size) is sold.

Nebula by Alexandra Cook
Nebula by Alexandra Cook

Red Book - An Modern Drawing of a Reading Woman, pen & gouache

I've added a work to
I like making artworks which look like pictures out of a lost book or movie. And its up to you to imagine the rest of the story.
A women reading in fromt of the window is sketched freely, spontaneousely. There also are a bit of strange symbols and a part of my poem in Russian (full text here)
Original is for sale here
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Izbushka - the original 27.79cm x 20.79cm Mixed Media Work & prints:

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A watercolor, pencil and pen artwork on watercolor paper. Early autumn. Low warm sun light falling on a Russian wooden cottage, fence, grass and a couple of silver birch trees. A little village north to Moscow, where my friends have a house.