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Friday, 19 March 2010

Green Veil

A sitting woman with a green veil and two standing figures. Open to your
It started as a life drawing sketch, then I made it into an acrylic & paper collage painting with lots of texture, about A3 in size, sold. This version is slightly digitally edited.

Blue Exploding Orion Nebula now...

Now its a digital version No 4, and possible not the last one...
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A drop of bright orange...

Orion Nebula Collage by Alexandra Cook
Orion Nebula Collage by Alexandra Cook

A combination of paper collage, acrylic and oil pastel, inspired by the beautiful flower-like shape of the Orion Nebula. There is a bit of text on some pieces of paper, one says "winter blue". The original artwork was about A3 in size, sold.

Morning on Lauss

Its not a very recent one. The planet is from my novell.

Morning on Lauss by Alexandra Cook
Morning on Lauss by Alexandra Cook

New 2010 Art Calendar

Late is better than never...

A collection of my artworks featuring landscape, buildings, flowers, people, trees, rivers, fruit and horses, in various media. Safe for workplace and home.
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River Hafren in September

I 've added a print to

Done outdoors in 2008 in Newtown, Powys, oil pastel on paper, size was about A4. Sold.
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