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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Impressionist Night...

Strange (victorian?) lamp light, leafless trees, orange glow in the air. A surreal impressionist vision of somewhere long ago and far away...

Originally painted with oil pastel on black paper, then colors were adjusted digitally. 

4 St Patrick's Day Decoupage Cards

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Observation Point

Observation Point by Alexandra Cook
Observation Point by Alexandra Cook

An unusual modern impressionist fantasy painting: A group of people on a terrace overlooking some unearthly landscape with a town and a flying mashine (spaceship). Strange writings are seen through hot and dusty background. Thick and thin acrylic brushstrokes, the original painting was approximately 50 x 40 cm, on board (sold). 

Old Painting. New print:

added work to

I did this from our appartment window in Alexandria, in 2000 or 1999, looking towards Potomac river. Soft pastel on paper. The original painting is sold (the size was about A4).
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Thai Mangroves

New Print