My (Alexandra Cook aka Linandara) daily art activity

Sunday, 26 October 2008

An Art Gallery

Just wanted to write down few thoughts about a local art gallery (Oriel Davies)

Small quiet town, not really much arty folk around... Exhibitions in the gallery are mostly very -very - very weird (strange). I love experiment and feeling of strangeness - as just one side of creativity. But why poor people have to think that only this is ART? Where are simply local artists? There was an "open" exhibition with entrance fee I couldn't afford... Where anyway are works which somebody could have in ordinary comfortable home and simply enjoy them? I know there is good art created right now - look in International Artist Magazine (, for example. Who profits from promotion of weird and disgusting in art? Why feeling of peace and happiness in art is ignored?

My novell

I've sold the first copy of my Russian novel few days ago.

I'm thinking of translating it to English, widening the story at the same time, but have to find somebody to review it first...

Recent art

Marshland and Kids with Pond. As you can see, at the moment I'm very much into painting in oil pastels and influenced by Vincent van Gogh (have been reading about him half of the summer). The image on the right inspired by a scene in my garden (Pond, hills&kids:Original Oil Pastel Painting by A.Cook). The one on the left is very loosely based on a picture from a Baltic wild nature book (Marshland in early spring - Original oil pastel painting). Both are still available.